Tune In Not Out is a portal style website - it contains a wide range of digital media from a variety of sources. We have created partnerships with many great services and organisations to bring you information in a range of formats and from a variety of sources.

Key Content Partner

Reach Out

Logo of Reach OutReach Out Is our key content partner, providing the factsheet based information for many of the topics you will find listed on the site

Reach Out offers information, support and resources to help young people improve their understanding of mental health issues, develop resilience, and increase their coping skills and help-seeking behaviour.

headspace TINO content partners headspace

headspace supports Tune In Not Out through the provision of numerous Factsheets across the site.

headspace is Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation. headspace provides health advice, support and information for young people aged 12-25.


The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) supports Tune In Not Out through providing access to the finalist entries of their annual Short Film Competition. These can be found on the cannabis section of the website.

NCPIC's mission is to reduce the use of cannabis in Australia by preventing uptake and providing the community with evidence-based information and interventions. It has a website (www.ncpic.org.au), provides free training on cannabis-related issues and has a free helpline (1800 30 40 50).

Youth Projects TINO content partnersYouth Projects

Youth Projects supports Tune In Not Out by providing access to their suite of STI videos and providing the factsheet content for our STI pages. These can be viewed via the sex section of the website.

Youth Projects is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides health, outreach, community and employment, education and training services to individuals experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness and alcohol and other drug issues.
Youth Projects provides a non-judgmental service with a strong focus on harm minimisation and works with clients on a personalised, tailored basis to address complex issues.
Youth Projects promotes inclusion, builds resilience and creates opportunities.

Vibewire TINO content partnersVibewire

Vibewire supports Tune In Not out through the providing access to their suite of video production tutorials. Check them out they are great.

Vibewire is an innovative non-profit youth organisation providing media, arts & entrepreneurial opportunities and events for young people

Oz Help TINO content partnersOzHelp Foundation

Oz Help Foundation supports Tune In Not Out through the provision downloadable factsheets within the site.

The OzHelp Foundation is a workplace based early intervention suicide prevention and social capacity building program.

Hello Sunday Morning

Hello Sunday Morning supports Tune In Not Out through the use of their HSM TV videos.

Hello Sunday Morning is an opportunity for anyone who is ready to take a break from our drinking culture and find out what life is like without a hangover.

Love. The Good, The Bad and the UglyTINO content partners

Love The Good The Bad and The Ugly supports Tune In Not Out through the useof their videos and factsheets which can be found across the relationships, safety and sex topics

Dating, sex and being in love can be exciting – but at times it can be totally confusing. Love The Good The Bad and The Ugly is an online guide to relationships, sex, dating & when love hurts, with real stories and quizzes.

Student Edge TINO content partners

Student Edge

Student Edge supports Tune In Not Out by sponsoring 3 Youth Content Producers per month to write a blog through the provision of a Student Edge Goodie Bag

Student Edge's mission is to actively enhance students' lives throughout Australia by: Reducing the financial and social pressures of being a student, uniting students through the creation of a national student membership and providing the most effective student engagement service for partners.

YACWA TINO content partnersYouth Affairs Council of Western Australia

YACWA supports Tune In Not Out through the development of blogs and use of videos.

YACWA is the peak non-government youth organisation in Western Australia. They operate primarily as a human rights organisation that seeks to address the exclusion of young people in a rapidly changing society.

YACWA's vision for Western Australia is one that celebrates and engages young people in all aspects of the community. Our role is to strengthen the trust, cooperation, collaboration; professionalism and voice of the non-government youth service sector to better serve the young people of Western Australia.

Youth Educating Peers Crew

YEP supports Tune In Not Out through the development of blogs and provision of videos.

YEP (Youth Educating Peers) Crew is a WA-based group of young people who aim to address the issue of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and BBVs (Blood-Borne Viruses) in the community by actively engaging with young people and encouraging them to make safer and informed choices.

The group educate young people through a range of activities, from designing resources, running campaigns and competitions, doing outreach at events and local high schools, and engaging young people online through Facebook, Tune In Not Out and Reach Out.

SKYS Media TINO content partners Blue SKYS Media

Blue SKYS Media is a St Kilda Youth Service social enterprise that offers disadvantaged youth the chance to work one on one with experienced professionals in a studio based environment.

AYAC TINO content partners Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

AYAC is the national peak body for youth affairs, representing young people and the youth sector in Australia.
AYAC aims for an Australia where young people are valued and recognised for the contribution they make now, and supported by a well-resourced and unified youth services sector

music feedback TINO content partners Music Feedback

Music Feedback is an innovative youth-focused campaign that uses the power of music to challenge the stigma of mental health and encourages communication.  Their slogan - “Music talks about mental health, so can you.” - is delivered through an annual CD of songs and a “rockumentary” of interviews with musicians sharing their feelings about music and mental health.

bite back TINO content partnersBite Back

Bite Back is a website where young Australians can tell their personal stories, sharing struggles and joy, whilst discovering fresh ways to move forward and really enjoy life.

The Butterfly Foundation

The Butterfly Foundation provides support for Australians for suffer from eating disorders and negative body issues and their carers. You can find a range of their factsheet information available at our Eating Disorders topic page.

SANE Australia TINO content partners

SANE Australia and itsallright.org

itsallright.org is a SANE Australia website for young people.  By providing advice and information in fact sheets, podcasts and a busy helpline, SANE Australia helps thousands of people living with mental illness every year, as well as their family and friends.



beyondblue’s youth program, Youthbeyondblue, aims to empower young people aged 12–25, their friends and those who care for them to respond to depression and anxiety. Youthbeyondblue’s key messages are Look for the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety, Listen to your friends’ experiences, Talk about what’s going on and Seek Help together.




Tune In Not Out is always seeking new content partners to cover the wide range of information on the site. If you are interested in becoming a content partner please contact crew@tuneinnotout.com